Dear friends and confidants,
the idea behind ART OF HEALTHY SKIN is simple. We want to introduce incredible brands with their own story and offer effective yet kind to skin products created for demanding woman, who wants to feel and look her best.
My team’s most important goal is to execute on a vision, which we hope can transform the way we consume beauty. The options available in the beauty universe are overwhelming and attentively curated selection of products from a trusted source is what we were missing. Last summer we began to build the beauty destination that we always wanted. While I and my collegues know what works and doesn’t work for our own complexion, we had to determine and curate products suitable for all skin types. This is how we started to collaborate with makeup artists, hair stylists, beauty editors, dermatologists and aestheticians. The support we recieve is amazing and we try to share it with our customers in EDITORIAL, our online blog dedicated to healthy and conscious approach to skincare and beauty.
We take plenty of time, months, of careful testing and evaluating against the standards we set for ART FOR HEALTHY SKIN to curate products that appear in our shop. Out of the millions of skin care products available in the world, we select most tender, safe and highly effective products for your own cosmetic wardrobe.
Its not about luxury shopping, trendy brands or polished AD campaigns. No hype. ART OF HEALTHY SKIN is about great products, passionate people behind the brands we introduce, dedicated and talented professionals sharing their knowledge and experience.
With us by your side you will soon be an expert in good skin. You will know the difference between a toner and a essence, an emulsion and an oil, and in which order they should be applied. You will know when to mask and when to exfoliate. You will understand why it’s important to cleanse everyday and apply sunscreen during whole year no matter where you reside. Everyday will be a good skin day, and for those rare moments when not, we will have an answer too.
Anna Schmidt
Founder and Curator at ART OF HEALTHY SKIN


Art Director


“For me, it’s all about loving yourself and being happy with what you see in the mirror every day. That brings out this beautiful glow and puts a smile on my face. Taking care of my skin is one essential part to that and is an important part of my healthy lifestyle concept.
I am always paying attention to the ingredients of my skincare products. I believe that nature has provided us with everything necessary to address and solve any skincare problem. I am happy to be a part of the team that allows more and more people to have access to high quality skincare products that are charged with powerful natural ingredients. But what is more important, is learning. Something new, even if it is just one thing, takes me one step further every day. New ingredients, new names on the market, traditions that are hundreds years old, but are yet to be discovered by us. All of that inspires and excites me, and makes me wonder what tomorrow brings us.”
Founder & Curator


“Today we live and are expected to live in very fast tempo. Technological progress provides us with plenty of possibilities to organize our life better, to work more efficiently and complete a lot of tasks in the shortest terms. Woman of our time has job, relationships, family, household, time for hobbies and active social life. So how to maintain such a lifestyle?
For me it is all about taking care of myself.  I want to be sure, that products i use daily prolong youth of my skin and are of the highest quality. When i look and feel good, i can lead the life i want and that is what important for me. It gives me confidence, motivation and positive attitude.
The decade i spent searching for great skincare around the world resulted in ART OF HEALTHY SKIN. Products that deliver what is promised, reasonable prices and intention to provide bespoke service to meet customers needs and expectations – is what i missed dearly and what i finally created for myself and for the women, who cherish themselves, their time and budget.”
Graphic Design


“I met Anna, the curator of Art of Healthy Skin, while flying from North America back home. Travelling opens up so many opportunities, but you have to take a chance on them, otherwise you’ll never know what could’ve come from it. I saw the great message behind Art of Healthy Skin and I decided to take the opportunity I was presented. I’m glad I did as I became the member of great team and been able to work with fantastic  brands.
I’ve always loved travelling and being in nature as it inspires me in many different life situations. Nature is so pure but at the same time also powerful. The love that I have for nature and travelling has definitely contributed to the thought of taking care of my skin’s well-being. The power to change skins appearance, but keep it gentle at the same time can be a hard to find combination. I trust that the products we use on the skin make a world of a difference. For this reason I look for quality products from the nature itself.”